Made to measure,
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Introducing industry-leading, end-to-end MTM technology that provides a seamless experience for you and your customers.

The Taper Experience.

Taper’s mission is to make MTM universally accessible, usable and sustainable for brands, tailors, MTM operators and consumers.
Taper is a bridge between the two worlds of technology and tailoring. We’re experts in both.

Streamlined MTM Ops

Maximise efficiency across your MTM operations with real-time order statuses, live stock availability and comprehensive customer profiles.

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Design & Customise

A flexible and intuitive design experience for you and your customers, reflecting the unique needs of your business and brand.

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World Class Reporting

Taper’s sophisticated reporting suite offers insights into profitability, trends and training opportunities.

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Virtual Showroom

Coming Soon! Design and visualise garments in real time.

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Technology meets tailoring.

Our platform is a powerful bridge between the two worlds of tech and made-to-measure.

See just how intuitive the Taper experience is for your MTM team.

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The minds behind Taper

Taper was conceived by experienced tailors with insights into the unique challenges of managing and scaling a custom, made-to measure offering.

Proven and battle-tested, the technology behind Taper has powered the growth of Australia’s largest MTM brand.
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