The minds behind Taper

Taper was established by Robin McGowan and James Wakefield, the two founders of Australia's largest custom tailoring business InStitchu, a tested, proven solution, developed over the last decade with hundreds of thousands of orders and clients.

Launched officially in 2022, Taper has been built over the last 11 years by the MTM specialists behind successful Australian tailoring brand InStitchu and the visionary team of engineers at Paloma, who helped bring game-changing retail tech solutions like Afterpay to market. 

A best in class platform for operating a MTM business at scale, Taper is a business management software solution providing brands with the tools to launch, manage and grow their MTM or MTO supply chain. 

The InStitchu Story

Founded in 2012 in Sydney, Australia, InStitchu is now the largest MTM provider in the country, with 16 national Showrooms, a robust online MTM portal and a growing database of hundreds of thousands of international clients.

With a focus on a high volume of client appointments and sales teams members across a wide national network of locations, the success of the InStitchu business model–quality custom, tailored suits and garments for an affordable price point–would always be tied to the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems that power the brand. 

To unlock this growth and profitability, InStitchu built their own solution, using their business as a RnD house and leaning on the technical expertise of Paloma, the visionary team that brought industry-leading tech like Afterpay to market. After hundreds of iterations and improvements, all developed and tested at scale within the InStitchu platform, the proprietary technology–Taper–arrives as a ready-for-market MTM solution. 

Conceived and problem-proofed by industry specialists, built by leading engineers and tested for success and scalability, the Taper software is the simplest, smartest route to solving your MTM needs and unlocking new sales.

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