World Class Reporting

Taper’s sophisticated reporting suite offers insights into profitability, trends and training opportunities.

Sales Insights

Our reporting suite covers in-depth sales data, comprehensive margin breakdown along with alterations reporting to arm MTM businesses with the information they need to take control over profitability.

From sales data insights, you can make intelligent decisions based on trends, see the impact of promotional activity and identify top performing fabrics, designs, showrooms and sales representatives.

In our dynamic reporting dashboard, drill down the data by time period, showroom, staff, all the way through to garments and fabrics.

Margin Insights

Detailed margin reports break down profitability to the finest detail, covering all costs including fabric, CMT, freight, alterations, remakes and commissions.

Alterations Tracking

Taper's innovative margin and training reports have led to a transformative 10% increase in gross margins for our clients.

Alteration and remake data not only helps track profitability, but is the foundation for our training reports. By meticulously breaking down costs and pinpointing training needs, you can improve both customer satisfaction and staff retention, fostering repeat business and referrals.

Virtual Showroom

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