How Taper enabled Harry Rosen to increase their revenue by 5X

Harry Rosen, one of North America's largest menswear operators, faced the challenge of engaging new customers and competing in a price zone they had never been in before. To disrupt the market, they developed a private label MTM brand, Harold. However, they needed a platform to do more than simply submit orders but to help them grow and scale their MTM offering with a focus on operational efficiency, transparency and simplicity.

Taper offered a solution that simplified the Made To Measure process, streamlined Harry Rosen’s supply chain and  provided valuable data insights to build better customer relationships. With Taper's user-friendly interface and intuitive design, Harry Rosen was able to increase their annual turnover from a modest amount to over 8 figures in less than a year with their new collection, Harold.

Your teams are super professional in terms of conduct, but also how you solicit requirements and think through product design. Sincerely, congratulations. You’ve proven yourselves to be valuable partners within our ecosystem.
Tovi Heilbronn, Director – Digital Product & Experience at Harry Rosen Inc

If you are an MTM operator looking to simplify your process and build better customer relationships, Taper is the solution for you.

With its user-friendly interface, intuitive design, and valuable data insights, Taper can help you increase revenue and reduce costs just like it did for Harry Rosen.

Don't hesitate, try Taper today and revolutionise the way you do business!

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